Friday, 5 October 2012

10 "New" Vintage Penguin Books- October Challenge H

Wednesday was a Penguin Hunting day.  It was a beautiful sunny day with temperatures about 22 degrees (C) and gorgeous.  I got my Penguin Hunting Scarabeo Scooter out of the garage, put in a couple of canvas bags and headed to the various Op and Tip shops.  Between St Vincent de Paul's, the Glenorchy tip shop, the Red Cross book shop (my favourite one) and a second Vinnies north of town I managed to find ten Penguins.

They weren't all first published but the covers were great ones I did not have, nor did I have a reading copy so the reprints will do until I find a first published.  I know once they leave the Op shops they are in landfill and I hate seeing that.  I found a beautiful first published Mrs. Harris book for 20 cents in the "last chance" bin as I call it. Delighted with a 20 cent find of a first published book I didn't have.

These are the new ones for October.  These count towards my ABC October challenge H .

No 1183 Published 1956- first
No 1300 Published 1956-first

No 369 Published 1942- first
No 1314 Published 1962- reprint
No 1356 Published 1963- reprint

No 1317 Published 1958 -first

No 1943 Published 1960- first

No 2003 Published 1965- reprint

No 1278 Published 1965- reprint
No 2506 Published 1966


  1. That's a good bounty you've got there! Love the Mrs Harris cover (and for twenty cents only!). Gerald Durrell's Drunken Forest is a new title to me, and Iris Murdoch's A Severed Head looks sinister enough. Have fun with your 'new' Penguins! :)

  2. Thanks for that. It is always lots of fun to see the covers of Penguins. Often they are a real surprise and a great deal of fun. cheers, Pam


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